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Drs. Mary Pinder, Nate Pennell, and Jack West discuss whether the finding of improving progression-free survival with maintenance sorafenib for SCLC should change the standard of care for treatment of extensive stage disease.

Drs. Jack West, Mary Pinder, and Nate Pennell review various ways in which emerging immunotherapies could be effectively incorporated into our treatment strategies for lung cancer, potentially adding to or replacing current options.

Drs. Jack West, Mary Pinder, and Nate Pennell discuss options for managing acquired resistance to EGFR TKIs and ALK inhibitors in patients with advanced NSCLC and a driver mutation.

Drs. Nate Pennell, Mary Pinder, and Jack West discuss the START trial of L-BLP-25 (tecemotide) immunotherapy in locally advanced NSCLC.

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Dr. Phil Bonomi, from Rush University, reviews his thought process in recommending a repeat biopsy after progression for patients with advanced lung cancer.

Dr. Rosalyn Juergens, McMaster University, reviews how she discusses the potential advantages and disadvantages waiting on molecular marker results and sometimes seeking additional tissue in patients with advanced NSCLC.